Sound Design & Music

Sound Design & Foley

The sound of the crowd, the bell rings, the sound of the glove when it makes contact, using found sounds and field recording.   'Gloves On' Ragroof Theatre

Soundtracks & Music

Evocative and responsive soundtracks for Film, Theatre & Live Events, from tension building to memorable themes.  'The Drunk' starring Seann Walsh

Live Soundtracks

Live soundtracks for Film, Theatre, Sound installation and Outdoor Performances, Solo up to to a full orchestra.  'Folly for a Flyover' - Sawchestra

Soundscapes & Soundtracks

Foz has created sound pieces for Theatre, Film, TV, Games and Sound Installations. Credits include:

Main theme for the Paramount Comedy series 'Asylum' starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynns (1996) with David Devant & his Spirit Wife.

'Make do and Mend' (2008) - Ragroof Theatre.  'Gloves On' site specific theatre show (2012) - Ragroof Theatre.

'Human Penny Arcade' performance installation for B&H council's Brighton White Night  (2010) - Badstock Productions

'Biting the Dust' puppetry theatre soundtrack (2010) - Grist to the Mill. 'Thinking and Fainting' recorded and live soundtrack (2012) - Grist to the Mill.

'Lucius' game soundtrack (2010) Shiver Games

Sawchestra: 'Musical Surgery' live installation (2008).  'Play along with Prince Achmed' live film soundtrack (2008) . 'The Golem' live  soundtrack (2011) London Sci-Fi Festival.  'Adrift with the sawchestra' site specific theatre (2010) Shorditch Festival. 'Folly for a Flyover' live soundtrack (2012) Barbican Bites'.  'Frequencies' music live soundtrack (2015) Science Gallery London

As Musical Director of Thouched Theatre:  Human Remains (2009), Me & the Sea (2012) Faust [Redact] ( 2014)  Blue  (2015)

'Kissing the Gunners Daughter' (2013) Sound and puppetry installation - Brighton beach, Brighton Festival - Aurelius Productions/Grist to the mill.

'Sisters of Hera' (2013) Joint artist in residence with Aurelius Productions/Grist to the mill, sound and performance installations, theatre soundtrack.

'Christina the Astonishing' Soundtrack for puppetry and animation performance (2014) The Baron Gilvan, performed at the Suspense Festival, Pleasance Theatre London.

'Tom Tuck Goes Straight To DVD' Live soundtrack for Radio 4 comedy series (2015)

"Voyage of the Sybille'  Soundtrack for outoor walkabout performance (2016) - Copperdollar

'The Drunk'  Short comedy film soundtrack (2016) starring Seann Walsh, directed by Gabriel Foster-Prior



Live Soundtrack for "Thinking it and Fainting' Grist to the Mill - Nuffield Theatre, Southampton
Live Soundtrack for "Thinking it and Fainting' Nuffield Theatre, Southampton
Live sound installation, part of 'Sisters of Hera' Scompilio Tuscany
Live sound installation, 'Sisters of Hera' Aurelius Productions - Scompilio Tuscany
Sawchestra perform at the 'Frequencies' Showcase - Science Gallery London
Sawchestra perform at the 'Frequencies' Showcase - Science Gallery London
The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra with Foster & Gilvan
The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra with Foster & Gilvan

Listen to Examples

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